A Denver, Colo., Uber driver was jailed without bond after being arrested on Friday (June 1) for allegedly murdering a passenger.

According to the Denver police department, 29-year-old Michael Andre Hancock was driving an Uber when he pulled over to the side of the highway and told a witness that he had just shot a rider after the victim tried to attack him. When police arrived, the man, who was later identified as Hyun Kim, 45, was found lying in the front passenger floorboard of Hancock’s Sedan with several gunshot wounds.

Although it is unknown what specifically caused Hancock (who has been driving Uber for three years) to shoot Kim, police did recover 10 shell casings in addition to confiscating a .40 caliber handgun from the suspect before taking him into custody. Following the announcement of this incident, the ride-sharing company did release a statement where they expressed remorse for what transpired.

“Our thoughts are with the families of those involved,” Uber’s spokesperson, Andrew Hasbun, wrote before explaining that the driver’s access has been removed from the app and that they are currently working with the Denver police to resolve this matter. The vagueness of the situation also took Hancock’s family by surprise.

"He's a husband, a father, a college student. He works two jobs,” Hancock’s mother, Stephanie, told the local KUSA-TV. “It's a terrible, terrible thing that happened. We don't know anything else.”

Despite having the suspect in custody, little is known about this bizarre incident, raising questions about Uber’s vetting process and commitment to their customer’s safety.

Hancock is currently being held without bond at the Denver County Jail, awaiting formal charges.