DJ Khaled is looking to protect his son's name and legacy as he's filed a lawsuit against a company attempting to trademark the one-year-old's name.

The lawsuit, by way of TMZ, was filed Friday (June 8) against Curtis Bordenave and his company Business Consulting. Khaled claims Bordenave attempted to trademark ready to wear pieces and sayings aligning his company with Asahd Khaled. Those trademarks include "Asahd Couture," "Asahd," and "We The Best Lifestyle."

This has created issues for Khaled's plans to establish Haddad Brands and could potentially bring financial  harm to his son. Khaled has done a number of things to protect his son's legacy like list him as an executive producer on Grateful and helped establish a deal with Jordan Brand.

Khaled also claims Bordenave has done this to other celebrities. Bordenave has reportedly attempted to trademark "Cardi B," "Stormi Couture" (Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's daughter) and "Cynthia Bailey Eyewear."

Bordenave's name might ring a few bells. Just last year, he attempted to trademark the slang versions of the n-word. "We plan on dictating the future of how we define this word," Bordenave told reporters. "A young, black businessman from Mississippi has acquired the rights to the word. I think that’s a great ending to that story."

His move came after the Supreme Court excluded derogatory terms from being trademarked or patented.

We're sure Khaled will be the winner of this battle.