Drake made sure to enlist the brightest in the game as well as a few legends for his new studio album, Scorpion.

Released Friday (June 29), the double-disc release pulls from Drizzy's multiple musical personalities as he jumps from lyrical on Vol. 1 to melodic on Vol. 2. Along for the ride are his trusted allies like  Noah "40" Shebib, James Fauntleroy, Allen Ritter and Nineteen85. To accommodate the R&B Drake lovers, the artist took things back with samples from Aaliyah, Maxwell, Boyz II Men and even a piece of radio staple, The Quiet Storm.

When to comes to songwriters, PARTYNEXTDOOR drops his pen on tracks like "Elevate" and "Ratchet Birthday Party."

With so much to dive into, VIBE's definitive list of every sample, songwriter, and producers on the album below.


Vol. 1

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Producer(s): No I.D., Noah "40" Shebib
Songwriters:: Drake, Dion Wilson, Noah "40" Shebib, Klaus Netzle, Manuel Landy
Sample: "Telex" by Claude Larson (1980)


Producer(s): Tay Keith, No I.D., Noel Cadastre
Songwriters: Drake, Brytavious Chambers, Nick Kobe and Dion Wilson

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Producer(s): PARTYNEXTDOOR, Nonstop Da Hitman
Songwriters:  Gary Fountaine, PARTYNEXTDOOR


Producers: No I.D., Noah "40" Shebib, The 25th Hour
Songwriters: Drake, Mariah Carey, Robert Clivillés, David Cole, Dion Wilson, Noah "40" Shebib and Andrew Gowie
Sample: Emotions (12" Club Mix) by Mariah Carey (1991)

"God's Plan"

Producer(s): Boi-1Da, Cardo and Yung Exclusive
Songwriters: Drake, Daveon Jackson, Ron Latour, Matthew Samuels, Brock Korsan, Noah "40" Shebib

"I'm Upset"

Producer(s): OOGIE MANE
Songwriters: Drake, Jordan Oritz

The track also has an interpolation of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable"

"8 Out of 10"

Producer(s): Jahan Sweet, Boi 1da, OB
Songwriters: Drake, Matthew Samuels, Jahaan Sweet, Matthew O'Brien, A. Tilman, L. Are, A. Ross
Sample: All the Way Around by Marvin Gaye (1976), You're Getting a Little Too Smart by Detroit Emeralds (1973)

Plies also chimes in towards the end of the track with his popular IG sayings.

"Mob Ties" featuring Asheley Turner

Producer(s): Allen Ritter, Boi 1da
Songwriters: Drake, Samuel Barnes, Anthony Cruz, Nas, Inga Marchand, Cory McKay Jean-Claude Olivier

"Can't Take A Joke"

Producer(s): Noel Cadastre, Mod Maxx
Songwriters: Drake, Max Eberhardt

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"Sandra's Rose"

Producer(s): DJ Premier
Drake, DJ Premier, Maneesh Biday

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"Talk Up" feat. Jay-Z

Producer(s): DJ Paul
Songwriters: Drake, P. Beauegard, A. Young, O. Jackson, M. Jones, G. Webster, Jay-Z, R. Middlebrooks, L Bonner, A Noland, W Morisson
Sample: "Dopeman" by N.W.A (1987)

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"Is There More"

Producer(s): Wallis Lane
Songwriters: Drake, Joseph Lane, Jr. Nai Palm Stephen Garrett and Timbaland
Sample: Aaliyah's "More Than A Woman" (2001)


Vol. 2

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"Peak" featuring Adrian "X" Eccelston, Rhea Kpaka, Stefflon Don and Vinessa Douglas

Producer(s): Noah "40" Shebib
Songwriters: Aubrey Graham, Noah "40" Shebib

"Summer Games"

Producer(s): Noah "40" Shebib, No I.D.
Songwriters: Drake, Harley Arsenault, Paul Jefferies, Dion Wilson, Nineteen85, Maneesh Bidaye

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"Jaded" featuring Ty Dolla $ign

Producer(s): Noel Cadastre
Songwriters: Drake, Noel Cadastre

"Nice For What"

Producer(s): Murda Beatz, Noah "40" Shebib, Blaqnmild, Corey Litwin
Songwriters: Shane Lindstrom, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Dennis Coles, Robert Diggs Gary Grice, Marvin Hamlisch, Lamont Hawkins, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Jason Hunter, Russell Jones, Clifford Smith Corey Woods, Orville Hall, Phillip Price
Sample: Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill (1998), Drag Rap by The Showboys (1986), Get Your Roll On by Big Tymers (2000)

"Finesse" featuring James Fauntleroy

Producer(s): Noel Cadastre
Drake, James Fauntleroy, Noel Cadastre and Matthew Samuels

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"Ratchet Birthday Party"

Producer(s): Boi-1Da, D10, Jahaan Sweet
Songwriters: Drake, Dalton Tennant, Sweet Leonard, Caston Anita Poree, PARTYNEXTDOOR

"That's How You Feel"

Producer(s): Noel Cadastre
Songwriters: Drake, Noel Cadastre, Nicki Minaj
Sample: "Boss A** B***h" (Live at Powerhouse) by Nicki Minaj (2014)

"Blue Tint"

Producer(s): Supah Mario, Illmind
Songwriters:: Drake, Nayvadius Wilburn, DeMario Priester, Ramon Ibanga, Jr.

"In My Feelings" featuring City Girls

Producer(s): TrapMoney, Benny Blaqnmild, Noah "40" Shebib
Songwriters: Benny Workman, Nick Kobe, Darius Harrison, Static Major, James Scheffer, Rex Zamor, Lil Wayne, Renetta Lowe-Bridgewater, Hall Price
Sample: Smoking Gun by Magnolia Shorty (2010), Lollipop by Lil Wayne feat. Static Major (2008), Zazie Beetz monologue from "Champagne Papi" episode of Atlanta (2018)

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"Don't Matter To Me" featuring Micheal Jackson

Producer(s): Noah "40" Shebib, Nineteen85
Producer(s): Drake, Michael Jackson, Paul Anka Shebib, Jefferies, Nana Rogues, Negin Djafari
Sample: Unknown Unreleased Recording

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"After Dark" featuring Static Major and Ty Dolla $ign

Producer(s): Static Major, Noah "40" Shebib
Songwriters: Drake, Static Major, Wah Wah Watson, Maxwell, Ty Dolla $ign
Sample: "The Suite Theme" by Maxwell (1996)

"Final Fantasy"

Producer(s): Boi-1da, Noah "40" Shebib, Sweet
Songwriters: Adrian Eccleston, Robin Weisse, Darrel Freeman, Sweet, Michel Legrand, A. Bergman, M. Bergman
Sample: The Windmills of Your Mind by Dorothy Ashby (1969)

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"March 14"

Producer(s): T-Minus, Valle
Songwriters: Drake, Graham Tyler Williams, Josh Valle, Michael Archer, Raphael Saadiq, Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman
Sample: Khalil (Interlude) by Boyz II Men (1994)