Growing up in any one of the five boroughs of New York was no easy feat, especially back in the day. And when founding member of the U.M.C’s, Fantom of the Beat, teamed up with New York spitter Rhymrcka (pronounced as rhyme-wrecker), it made for an explosive and compelling story of being a hip-hop loving youngster back in the golden era. Check out the new joint "Autobiography" from Fantom’s forthcoming album, Audiodrome.

The flavor of this deep cut is rooted heavily in the classic New York underground sound, but much more polished. Rhymrcka lyrically gets busy as he spits the story of the upbringing that lead him to becoming an artist over Fantom’s heavy-handed soul production. If anything, the track is a firey testimony that lyricism melded with rough and rugged underground sounds still wins.

“The song lyrically narrates my life experiences in a time frame, bringing in all of all the influences that led to me becoming that MC you hear in the song. The family struggles, the circumstances of being a teenager in the Reaganomics era and the pitfalls of a rap artist in the glamorous chaos of the 90’s. It's a coming to age story over music,” RHYMRCKA explains in a statement about the record.

VIBE Editor-In-Chief, Datwon Thomas, recently co-signed the hard hitting collab on Instagram with the caption reading: “This one here by Rhymrcka got to my heart. Seriously. Amid those crazy horns and boom bap slaps, the husky voiced verbal vigilante literally documents the life of us NYC city kids of the early to mid 80s. He spits his hard knock life so vividly that I started to see my days as a latch key kid and how the TV shows of that era formed my mind on what black life looked like outside of my real world. But then he snaps you back to reality on how you have to be careful of what you wish for...the fact that Rhymrcka did this over a hardcore track in this day gives me faith that our unique sound of NY "underground" isn't lost to the trends of today."

Audiodrome is slated for a cool mid-summer release. Until then, check out the gritty visuals provided.