The man seen clinging to the hood of a car as it zipped down a Florida freeway in a viral video is speaking out. Junior Francis, 22, spoke with local news outlets to explain how the entire predicament began.

Francis said he and his on again-off again girlfriend, Patresha Isidore, share the Mercedes-Benz C300 seen in the video below. On the day in question, Isidore, 24, needed the car to pick up the couple's 5-year-old daughter from a relative's house. Francis said he too needed the car, but Isidore beat him to the punch.

"She turned the engine on, dropped it in reverse and turned," Francis said. "That's when things took a turn."

Francis said he jumped on the hood of their car outside of their Lauderhill home in hopes to stop Isidore, but instead she kept driving.

Daniel Midah, who recorded the bizarre incident spoke to Local 10 and said Francis and Isidore appeared to be speaking to one another on their cellphones as he was clinging to the hood of the car.

"All I was thinking is, this guy is going to slide off and hit me, slide off the other side or if anything, he is going to slide down and she is going to hit him, and then she is going to crash into somebody else," Midah said.

Francis admitted he was on the phone, but not with Isidore. He was speaking with local authorities.

"I actually held on like this," Francis demonstrated. "It was with one hand, and (with) the other hand I'm on the phone, listening to hear what is going on with authorities."

Things finally came to an end when Isidore drove to West Park. It was there Francis was able to take the keys out of the ignition.

Francis said despite everything he went through, he's unwilling to press charges against the mother of his child.

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