G-Herbo is on cloud nine, thanks to the birth of his new son, as well as the recent success of his "Who Run It" freestyle, which caught the attention of Drake.

The young Humble Beast has gone into album mode. Today (June 21), the Chicago rapper gets things started with release of his brand new visuals for his alter-ego-inspired “Swervo,” which serves as the title track to his forthcoming album.

With Southside on the boards, G Herbo reflects on his come up in the streets of Chicago, while flexing his lavish lifestyle. The video finds the 22-year-old moving through a plush mansion that's filled with models.

Back in 2017, Herb released his debut album Humble Beast. He spoke to VIBE about his favorite album.

“The reason I say it’s my favorite [Welcome to Fazoland] is because it came out so good, and I ain’t even give a f**k about rap when I made that sh*t,” Herbo says. “I ain’t even care. I cared about rap, I wanted to rap, but I was in the streets. I was missing studio sessions, missing everything, high off drink, risking my life every day while I’m recording this sh*t. My homies getting killed, I’m coming to the studio the next day recording songs.”

During the second part of our interview, the 22-year-old shared his opinions of the different types of street guys one may encounter, and wanting to leave his fans with something of substance when he meets them.

“When people see me, I want to leave them with something. I’ve been out here in New York on some late-night sh*t at three, four in the morning in Times Square, talking to people for 40 minutes because they asking me questions,” Herbo says.

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