Last week, the Internet was buzzing over restaurant chain IHOP's announcement that they would be flipping their famous 'p' into a mysterious 'b.'

While the pancake house didn't disclose right away what their new name would stand for, many people were under the assumption that the new name, IHOb, would stand for "International House Of Breakfast." However, it was announced on Monday (Jun. 11) that the 'b' stands for burgers.

While IHOb appears to be IHOP's marketing ploy to promote their new Angus beef burgers, the country has been discussing the "name change" of the famous breakfast establishment virtually all day.

“We thought that people would have fun with this, but never did we imagine that it would grab the attention of America the way it did,” said IHOP spokesperson, Stephanie Peterson.

As expected, social media took the news and made a few hilarious comments about IHOb. Read a few of our favorites below.