Fans of the HBO show Insecure were given a small peek into the upcoming season. It was revealed that the show's highly-anticipated third season would tackle the topic of masculinity and toxic masculinity in the black community.

"I love black masculinity as it relates to black women," the show's star and creator Issa Rae told The Hollywood Reporter. "I think that’s something interesting that we haven’t gotten a chance to explore yet—and specifically toxic male black masculinity as it relates to black women. I’m trying to find a way to explore that and get a rounded storyline that isn’t preachy.”

One Twitter user was not buying the idea of exploring black toxic masculinity, and wrote about his issues with the topic. He believes that black women in Hollywood like Rae, Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay use their platform to take down black men.

“Issa Rae teases Season 3 ‘Insecure’ will be about black masculinity. A topic I bet she thinks she's an expert on,” he wrote. “My guess is she'll follow the trend of other prominent black women producers/directors/writers in filmmaking and promote some sort of f**kery about black men.”

Insecure cast member Jay Ellis took issue with the man's comments, and took him to task on the social media platform.

“As a black man who was a part of the first two seasons of @IssaRae and the very diverse writing staff of “‘Insecure’s’ work, I’d have to say STFU,” Ellis clapped. “Btw pick your pants up, your toxicity is showing.”

Ellis wasn't the only one who responded to the man. Actress Reagan Gomez wrote "Her show runner is a black man & the writing staff has black men writers. If ya’ll put HALF the effort into googling as you do into being loud & wrong the world would be a [better] place.”

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