Wyclef Jean has made a living out of creating hits. The O.G. knows talent. So, when Uncle Clef unveils a new artist, we pay attention. Now, the Grammy Award winning musician is grooming budding crooner Jazzy Arma. Recently, the stirring-voiced singer released the new visuals to her full-filled, radio-friendly, record titled "You Got Me (Remix)" featuring Wyclef and Riley.

With Fred Focus behind the lens, Arma finds herself inside a club that's filled with lively dancing. Colorfully dressed dancers can be seen doing old-school dances like the Wop and donning dreads similar to '90s-era urban brand, Cross Colors. Meanwhile, Jazzy looks alluring while singing about the joy of being in love.

You've probably heard Arma on Dave East records such as "Slow Down," and "Jazzy (Interlude)" from East's Kairi Chanel and Paranoia: A True Story, respectively.

Jazzy, who is signed to Wyclef's Head Music,  will be featured on Clef's upcoming mixtape Wyclef Goes Back to School.

Watch the video above