This edition of the NBA Finals continues to churn out quality memes of jaw-dropping (J.R. Smith) and tense moments. That was the case during Sunday night's Game 1 (June 3) when LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers looked deflated on the bench when he learned his team had one more timeout.

The revelation would've been beneficial to the Cavs' presumed overtime win against the Golden State Warriors (2-0). James appeared to be on the brink of tears as the team huddled on the sideline. Fast forward a few days later, and the pain of the moment has eased enough for James to share his thoughts during that moment. Per USA Today, the three-time NBA champion said while he wasn't aware the clip went viral, the memory is still clear in his mind.

"I was just sitting on the bench and kind of just contemplating the last couple seconds of what just happened from J.R. dribbling the ball out to G-Hill missing the free throw, actually seeing Draymond (Green) step in early on the lane violation (and) asking myself did I have a lane to actually drive it," he said. "So there were a lot of things playing through my head."

The Cavs and the Warriors will meet again for Game 3 in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday (June 6) at 9 p.m. EST on TNT.