Damon Dash publicized his rift with Lee Daniels earlier this week over the repayment of $2 million. Dash revealed he loaned Daniels the amount for the production of The Shadowboxer (2005) but has yet to receive his funds from the Empire creator.

Now, the famed director is sharing his side of the story to not only clear the air but to notify Dash that his money is on the way. In an interview with TMZ, Daniels expressed his discomfort with Dash's approach at a Diana Ross concert earlier this month, but the moment made Daniels think about the heated situation.

"When nobody in Hollywood was giving me money, after my Academy award, unprecedented with Halle Berry, nobody was giving me money," he said. "Damon's crazy a** was crazy enough to give me money for The Woodsman and for Shadowboxer. The investment for Shadowboxer didn't pay off." Although Dash's return on investment has yet to arrive, Daniels believes he's at a financially stable point in his life to give the money back.

"I am in the position now to get it to him, so I'm going to get it to him because I think that's the right thing to do," he said. "It sadly took that wake-up call during Diana's "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand" for me to realize that and for me to sit with myself."

The Philadelphia native also attributed part of his success to Dash's investment and said if it weren't for the famed entrepreneur then "The Butler, and/or Precious, and/or Empire," would not have made it to production.

"He was part of my journey, and for me to turn my back on that was wrong," Daniels admitted.