The longstanding feud between Lil Uzi Vert and Rich The Kid came to a head this weekend when things got physical at a Philadelphia Starbucks.

On Saturday (June 2), following Rich The Kid’s appearance at "The Roots Picnic," Philly native, Lil Uzi Vert took it upon himself to defend his hometown and address the social media and rap beef in real life. In a series of videos that hit the Internet, one can see Uzi approaching Rich The Kid leading to an exchange of words, but nothing ensued as Rich was surrounded by his security.

However, in the second installment, both of the rappers appear to be inside a Starbucks where they are still exchanging words. But instead of this flame fizzling out like the first clip, Uzi takes it upon himself to swing on Rich The Kid resulting in the combustion of commotion. As seen in the video, Rich did not retaliate, choosing instead to scale the café’s counter to evade the situation.

The Atlanta rapper then took to social media where he posted a video of his own, proving to fans that he was unscathed in the confrontation. And while neither reps for Uzi or the rapper himself have spoken about the altercation, a video surfaced that shows Uzi seemingly gloating about his victory by dancing to Rich’s hit single “New Freezer” later that night.