The new trailer for Marvel's Luke Cage is finally here. In addition to the titular character's crime-fighting storyline, there's another one that merely encapsulates the power of black women beginning with Alfre Woodard's role of playing a corrupt politician (Mariah Dillard) who backs up a slew of crimes in the first season.

After almost being taken down in the first season, Dillard is reeling from her staunch political role in attempting to make Harlem the best that it can be. "Black women have always had superpowers," she says.

“I love Mariah because I think she is very complex, as we all are, and I love being able to play somebody that we all run into in real life. She has all the cuts and bruises, yet she has a sunny side,” Woodard said of her character in an interview with Direct Conversations. “As an actor, I love that. I feel like she’s a real human being. In this case, people may feel like, ‘I can identify with them’ until the character’s life takes a dramatic turn and then go, ‘Oh, my God. I couldn’t go all the way there."

The new season of Luke Cage premieres on June 22.