The New Orleans-born singer and actor Luke James is back at it again. Last week, James closed a strong season of Lee Daniels’s Star, and this week, the two-time Grammy nominated artist is already working on his next big thing. On Friday (June 1), the versatile singer released “These Arms,” rhythmically and vocally soulful, donning smooth falsettos. James is better every time he returns to his craft, be it acting or singing.

If you’re looking for it, Luke James has consistency. His music and acting career are representative of a single but dynamic artist. James' summer 2017 single, “Drip,” reminded everyone why he’s been granted the opportunity to grace the same stage as an artist like Beyoncé and work alongside the late Prince, of whom the vocals are reminiscent of.

James received his first Grammy nomination in 2012 with “I Want You,” and then again two years later for “Options” featuring Rick Ross. While he isn’t super active, putting out tracks and projects every few weeks, no one forgets about James’ talent. After the breaks in between, something about his music feels like the fresh feeling you have after a full night of sleep; his energy is ever-present, and you almost can’t demand more. He follows through with his themes of seduction and protection.

James’s latest single “These Arms” is exactly what you’d expect from such a flexible artist. Listen if you haven’t already. 


MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of Luke James