Before Ty Dolla $ign pressed forward with his dreams of being a successful solo artist/songwriter, the Cali native flexed his instrumental talents with 90s R&B group Immature. Previously noted in Ty's 2014 FADER profile, he played the keyboards for the widely-successful collective. Now, one of its frontmen, Marques Houston, detailed the extent of Ty's involvement.

In an interview with Apple Music's Beats 1, Houston shared that Ty joined the group around age "seven or eight." The "Paranoid" singer was discovered by Chris Stokes, who also managed B2K.

"A lot of people used to say him and Romeo from IMX/Immature — that they kind of look like brothers, so they would call them brothers," Houston shared. "We kind of knew his family and his family was musically driven. His dad, Big Ty, was in the music and stuff like that, and Stokes knew his dad. It just kind of happened like that. His dad would actually help us program the music for our shows back then."

Houston, who has remained a mainstay behind film production for a few movies on Netflix, said the group alongside Ty performed at The Apollo and Disneyland. That's where the members began to get a firsthand understanding of Ty's musical background. "Ty was actually really, really musically inclined back then, because he would kind of help do some of the programming and stuff like that back then, when he was like real young," he said. "We were all impressed with his musical skill, being that young." Fast forward decades later, and Ty Dolla $ign can be heard on his own melodies like his Beach House 3 project or collaborating with Christina Aguilera, Jeremih, and Kanye West.

In addition to this news, Houston said Brandy and Ray J were also a part of Immature back in the day. “Brandy and Ray J actually were our backup singers back then, too. We were all like a little stage show," he revealed. "It looked like a little circus because we had these big hats and it was crazy. Brandy was our background singer, and Ray J was a background singer/bass player, and that was the band back then."

Listen below.