Netflix plans to release the next installment of Orange Is The New Black this summer. The ladies of Litchfield will grace your screens on July 27, teasing what's to come in a Twitter video.

Last season followed the aftermath of Poussey's death by a guard. A riot/lockdown gained national media attention which resulted in the destruction of most of the prison. The series ended with the women being separated and transferred to an undisclosed prison.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, cast member Danielle Brooks said last season reflected the current state of affairs in America.

"[Season 5] is these characters saying 'We've got nothing to lose,' and that's the truth with our country too," she said. "With women's marches: what do we have to lose now? We're in the hands of this man [President Donald Trump] that doesn't mind saying degrading things about women. Okay, well we know he's not on our side, so let's fight. I think that's what activates people."