The sudden death of XXXTentacion has shook the core of many rappers, new school and veterans alike. In context of hip-hop’s current chaotic landscape, Detroit’s own Page Kennedy delivers a somber message to both generations with the visuals for “Miss You,” a song from from his forthcoming sophomore album Same Page, Different Story.

The video kicks off with one of Page’s friends being killed in a shooting on the block, which seems as if it serves as a dual representation of XXX and hip-hop. From there, he goes into a visceral story of a childhood friend he grew up with and how he changed into something he no longer recognized and eventually was killed. There’s even chilling flashes of how the culture and genre has changed, using clips by Common, Public Enemy, X-Clan, Eazy-E, and the rapper most purists love to hate, Lil Pump.

“I wrote this song because of the increasing influence of hip-hop by those who I feel only get into music for clout.” Page explains. “I grew up on this artform and artists like Slick Rick, Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, Run-DMC & Ice Cube, it made me fall in love with hip-hop because of their vivid storytelling and wordplay. So when I see that the art is completely changing and moving towards drug advocates, or only about how much money someone has and word play is now an antiquated way of expression; it drives me nuts. Common, had a song when I was younger called "I Use To Love Her." When I first heard it, I was blown away. With the recent passing of my friend XXXtentacion, I realize I have even more of a duty to show the youth a different and better way. Having concept songs and stories that are showcased in the mainstream is a step in the right direction.”

Same Page Different Story coincides with the new film Page will be featured in alongside Jason Statham, The Meg. Both be available from streaming and purchase on August 10. Peep the visual below.