A Pennsylvania middle school graduating class received bulletproof backpack plates as a graduation gift as they head to high school next year. The eighth grade students at St. Cornelius in Chadds Ford, Pa were gifted with the "ballistic shields" as a donation from a local company.

"I never thought I’d need this,” an eighth grader said to Fox 29.

Parents of the students expressed the same sentiments, stating the backpack unfortunately is a new necessity. "You hear about these school shootings almost weekly, and I can't believe that's where we are in our nation today, but that's the fact," one great-grandparent said.

St. Cornelius reportedly has tight security.  Visitors driver's license are taken at the front door and placed in a computer base for criminal records. Those with red flags are turned away.

All classroom doors have two deadbolts; a regular one and one that's mounted into the floor. Principal Barbara Rosini said she thinks the chances of a school shooting happening at her building are low, but she still chooses to air on the side of caution.

"Anything that we can do to protect our children and our staff, that’s what we have-- that's my job, to try to protect them and I try to do the best I can," Rosini said.