Right On Time sells for hundreds in record stores but where has the 80s funk musician Prophet been since its 1984 release?

For those that remember him, Prophet recently made the trek from Baton Rouge, La., to Los Angeles, Calif., to record his first album in 30 years, Wanna Be Your Man. The project features three recreations of Right On Time classics plus seven original tunes.

On Wednesday (June 20) the singer premiered the video for the funk-infused R&B LP's title track. The video was done with in-house efforts as label-mate Sudan Archives, a one-woman-band who weaves together R&B vocals, Northeast African violin figures and hip-hop beats, both co-directed and makes a cameo.

"It was beautiful working with Sudan," Prophet said in a press release. "I think she is a beautiful and talented artist and she has good ideas. I would love to work with her again. 'Wanna Be Your Man' is about me being all the ladies man, in an emotional way. And it's not about any of my specific past relationships, quite the contrary-- it's about relationships I don't have and that's why I wanna be your man."

If you're into his experimental tunes, catch Prophet at Stones Throw Soul this Saturday (June 23) and again at The Growlers' Beach Goth Festival in August.

Watch "Wanna Be Your Man" above.