Philadelphia singer-songwriter Res took to Twitter Friday (June 1) to accuse former group mate and label head Talib Kweli of not releasing her music, as well as a plethora of unsavory things ranging from not paying her for shows and even making a pass at her.

Res, who formed the group Idle Worship with Kweli in 2009, and signed to his Javotti label in 2013, began her Twitter rant by alleging he's refused to respond to her emails or release the 12 songs she handed in for her album. The 40-year-old soul singer said Kweli's practices are no different than the major labels, and accused Kweli of wanting 100% control of her image and marketing.

The more damming accusations came when Res tweeted the real reason her music hasn't seen the light of day is because while on a business trip, Kweli tried to kiss her and she rebuffed him.

Res then accused Kweli of trying to sleep with many female artists and alleged when they denied his passes, he denied them an opportunity in the music industry.

When Kweli accused Res of growing angry that she was no longer on the bankroll, Res alleged Kweli doesn't have much of a bankroll himself.

Res ended her Twitter rant by blocking Kweli.