Tory Lanez had quite a scare on the way to his set at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert.

On Sunday (June 10), the "Luv" artist shared his journey to the show with fans on his Instagram Story. While it may have seemed like a regular one, Lanez shared how his private jet carrying himself and his band mates took several dips throughout the trip.

"Just so you know, this is how we're getting to Summer Jam my n****, plane almost crashed five times," he said as the oxygen masks dangled from their compartments. "S*** was going down, nosedived, dropped 26,000 feet in a minute and a half. Really take that in."


Lanez and his crew arrived just in time for his set, which comprised of his biggest hits like "Say It," "B.I.D.," and "Slow Grind." He also performed a melody of his collaborative jams like "Litty" featuring Meek Mill. The crowd went wild when the Canada native performed a blend of his tunes with their samples like The Proud Family theme song.

Lanez recently released his first Spanish singing track, "Pa Mi" featuring Ozuna. The singer shared how he's ready to cross plenty of barriers to reach his very eclectic fan base.

“I wanted to do a Spanish-language album for all my Spanish and Latin fans,” Lanez said in a press statement. “I want to be the biggest artist in the world, and I’m not letting anything stand in my way…not even language barriers. Ozuna was naturally who fit the vibe best. I’m going full in on this…it’s not just a side project.”

Check out Lanez's Hot 97 Summer Jam set below.