Earlier this week, Vic Mensa revealed that he has a collaboration with Bay Area's G-Eazy. Today (June 7), The Autobiography MC makes good on his promise by releasing, "Reverse."

The Marshmello-produced song is nothing more than an exercise in lyricism.

“Push button, Kim Jong, roll through looking so cool in an old school like Vince Vaughn,” Vic raps on the record. “Vroom vroom, nitro hit the turbo, pour that Ace of Spades up, we don’t want no Merlot,” raps Mensa.

This is Vic's first release since "Dim Sum" with fellow Chicagoan Valee.

Life is changing for the better for the "Rollin' Like a Stoner" MC. Not only has he chopped off his braids, but the Chi-Town-bred is sober. During a interview with The High Times, Mensa spoke about sobriety.

Yeah, you know, I think that I kind of phase in and out," Mensa said when asked about wrestling with addiction. "I really was writing that song about a point in time in my life, for the most part. I was fucking with a lot of drugs. I went sober and then I’d do hard drugs some time ago. But I still bounce back sometimes. It’s always something that I lean on—whether it’s weed or tobacco or alcohol or anything like that, so I took some pills and, you know, some harder drugs. I find that, very often, I could associate heavily with some type of external substance, but I’m working on that."

Listen to "Reverse" below.