Sentry Sinvil has been dropping a new track every week throughout 2018 and it hasn’t been an easy feat for the young Manhattan, N.Y. rap artist. Apparently, his grind has been catching up to him as he spits with the visuals for his latest single, “I Dnt Get Sleep.”

The beauty of the glossy eye’d visuals is the Upper West Side spitter not only manages to perfectly recreate those first few minutes of grogginess in its filters, but its chill vibes matched with the song’s mellow mood and laid back tempo manages to actually keep anybody from falling asleep to this.

In the song, Sentry spits some laid-back lyricism that articulates how he’s been grinding so hard he can’t seem to get any sleep. He effectively keeps ears buzzing on the track by executing traditional wordplay with flows and his own unique sense of humor throughout the track.

“I Dnt Get Sleep” is Sentry’s latest drop after releasing the funky banger, “What You Wana Do” on Soundcloud.

Peep the visual and check out Sentry Sinvil on Soundcloud and all other streaming services.