It may seem like love and loss is on a loop in ZIM's life story but that doesn't seem to be the case on her latest musical offering, "ZIM."

The choice to self-title the BHB-produced track is a simple one. The song is rooted in linking past lovers to mary jane references, skills that are a testament to ZIM's pen game.

"The inspiration behind the song 'Zim' is just weed literally, the 21-year-old Puerto Rican creative explains to VIBE VIVA. "I got high when I wrote it, which is one way I can create. I like singing about emotions and in this song I enjoyed comparing the men I've been with through my life to certain weed strains and how they made me feel.”

If you're listening with your heart, ZIM's music is filled with plenty of stories that will leave you in hindsight mode. The Harlem native has seen her fair shares of ups and downs, but hasn't allowed it be a burden on the path to her dreams.

"I really don't express regrets. Any situation I was in became a life lesson for me," she said. Instead, she's used her life path as inspiration in her music.

Filled with 808s and quiet storm allure, ZIM makes a space R&B hasn't felt in quite a while. "That's how I get my inspiration to record music.," she said. "Every song is a true story of what I've been through."

ZIM is set to release her upcoming Sylmar EP in August. "[I'm] determined to make an impact in music," she added. "This is all "I" have."

Groove to "Zim" below and on Apple Music.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Carmen Daneshmandi (@carmendaneshmandi)