Police have arrested the 12th and final suspect involved in the gruesome murder of Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz.

CBS New York reports Danilo Payamps Pacheco, 21 was arrested Monday (July 9) while driving a gray Honda. Surveillance from the Jun 18 attack showed the vehicle during the first half of the group's chase for the 15-year-old. Police believe Pacheco was apart of the chase and also fleed the scene (in another car) with a group of the suspects, who used a machete to murder the teen.

Surveillance also showed Pacheco next to the second car, a white Acura, which was used as the getaway car.

Pacheco was charged with murder, manslaughter, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon. He was briefly held New Haven Correction Center on a $1 million bond and will appear in a New York Court today (July 10.)

All of the suspects are said to be apart or affiliated with the Trinitarios gang. Some have been held on murder and weapon charges.

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Danilo Payamps Pacheco, 21

Danel Fernandez, 21

Jose Muniz, 21

Manuel Rivera, 18

Santiago Rodriguez, 24

Kevin Alvarez, 19

Elvin Garcia, 23

Joniki Martinez, 24

Jose Taverez, 21

Diego Suero, 29

Gabriel Ramirez Concepcion, 26

Shocked by the tragic case and videos that floated around the web of the murder, celebrities like Lala Anthony have lent their support and platforms to the family. Yunior was also honored by the NYPD given his dream to become a police detective. He was also apart of the NYPD Explorers Program.

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MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Connecticut State Police/Facebook