50 Cent has given more meaning to native advertising since birthing the wildly popular catchphrase, "get the strap."

It's been added to the comical Urban Dictionary while also being the key to the businessman's reported $1 million deal with Viacom’s Bellator subsidiary. Like everything he does, the phrase's origin comes down to a perfect business strategy.

Speaking with Desus and Mero, actress and author Lala Anthony revealed where the saying came from. "You'll hear how it started [on Power]," she said. "The moment where Kanan says it on the show is such a moment that you'll think, "Ah, that's where it started."

Time will tell if the phrase brings in new viewers, but it is remarkable that the businessman has won over non-Power fans in such a subtle way. "He's one of the smartest, nicest and kindest guys I know," she said while sharing her appreciation for their friendship.

"Just stay on his good side and you won't get attacked on Instagram. He's one of the few industry people when they say they're going to do something, they're going do it."

The rapper has done this in the past with his SMS Audio headphones, his former collaboration with Effen Vodka and currently with his champagne, Le Chemin du Roi.