Lil Kim is gearing up for the release of her fifth studio album, and she's eyeing some big collaborations. The hip-hop legend recently chopped it up with DJ Whoo Kid and hinted at a possible track with Beyonce.

Kim's interest in working with Beyonce peaked after Bey recreated five of  the rapper's most iconic 90s looks for Halloween this year. When asked if the two would be working on any new music together, Kim didn't entirely count it out. "We've been showing each other love," she said. "Put it out there." While that wasn't exactly confirmation, it's still possible we could get something from the two Queen Bees.

Elsewhere in the interview,  Kim dished about her friendship with Snoop Dogg throughout the infamous west coast vs. east coast rivalry. "Me and Snoop always remained friends," she explained. "What people don't know is [Biggie] and Snoop was kind of still cool. Snoop didn't feel a lot of stuff was going on, and neither did [Biggie]. B.I.G. and Snoop wanted to be friends all the time, it was just hard. Me and Snoop didn't want that energy to affect our music."

Lil Kim's upcoming album will debut on Nov. 22. In the meantime, watch her entire interview in the video above.