Azealia Banks took to social media over the weekend to detail her experience while tapping for MTV's sketch comedy show Wild N' Out. The "Anna Wintour" artist said instead of being overcome with LOLs, she wanted to cry.

Banks said there were several pre-planned colorist jokes that hurt her, but instead of having a clever comeback, the 27-year-old was stunned.

"I did Wildin' Out today and there were tons of pre-planned colorist jokes, and of course cry baby cry," Banks captioned.

A follower questioned what her response was to the comments and Banks admitted she couldn't gather herself to offer a clever retort. "I cried. I wanted to go off but I couldn't. Too many people from Viacom there."

Banks then said aside from the colorist comments, she also alleged the environment was unhealthy.
"It all came too fast and the entire cast reeked of Bible belt homophobic homosexuality. I hated my experience.

No one from the Wild N' Out cast has responded to Banks' allegations about the jokes. We'll just have to wait and see.

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MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images