Twenty years after Brandy and Monica released their Grammy award-winning song, "The Boy Is Mine," Brandy has informed folks it's actually not their song, but hers.

During her 2018 Essence Festival performance, Brandy changed the lyrics from "the boy is mine" to "the song is mine," which led many people to assume she was taking a not-so-subliminal shot at Monica.

"I have to claim what's mine," Brandy said. "If I don't have the boy I have the song."

"The Boy Is Mine" which is the name of Monica's sophomore album, was featured on her LP as well Brandy's second record Never Say Never.

The feud between Brandy has had its ups and downs, and at some points even seemed to be over with, most notably the two posed for the cover of Ebony magazine in June 2012. Unfortunately, that moment didn't last long.

During a 2016 interview with The Real, Monica took the high road when questioned about her feud with Brandy, stating she hopes they can work together again because the only Grammy they have, they won together. Brandy saw the interview and responded in on Instagram with the hashtag #IKnowTheREALStoryEverybodyDoesntKnow.

We're good, love. Enjoy.

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