Since the departure of co-founding member Ameer Vann, BROCKHAMPTON has released new music in the form of the somber track "Tonya" and have moved on with their highly anticipated forthcoming album. But the members are aware of the shift in the "boy band" as founding member Kevin Abstract shared with Billboard Thursday (July 19).

"We’re a family, and family’s built on trust, right? And because of that, we stood by Ameer as he responded,” Abstract said about their initial response to the emotional and physical abuse allegations made by singer-songwriter Rhett Rowan in May.

Rowan claimed Vann was manipulative and would engage in sex with underaged fans. Since then, two more women have come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Vann. Speaking with Pitchfork in June, Shawna Berry shared that she no choice but to end their relationship after he became sexually abusive. “My body could not handle what Ameer was putting me through,” she said.

Coming off the heels of their $12 million deal with RCA, Vann was dropped from the group. Without getting into details, Abstract explained how Vann's recollections weren't as truthful as he thought.

"There was a few [lies] was just a few different things," he said. "It just made me...really skeptical...I guess I’m not comfortable going into details of what he was lying about. I do know that I was lied to."

The group then decided to part ways with Vann. Composed of 14 members such as Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon (rappers) and Joba and Bearface (vocalists), the other members are seen in the group's music videos and festival sets.

The group made their TV debut on Jimmy Fallon last month with a stirring performance of "Tonya" with Jasmine Sullivan and Serpentwithfeet. Their upcoming album–previously named PUPPY–was changed to the best days of our lives.