UPDATE: 9:50 AM EST (July 25, 2018) – A day after Demi Lovato was found unconscious at her home in California, The Blast states an apparent cause of her health condition was based on methamphetamine. The incident occurred after a party that was held at her home, TMZ reveals, adding that a source claims the famed singer did not overdose on heroin. She's still in recovery.

UPDATE: 5:10 PM EST (July 24, 2018) – PEOPLE reports Demi Lovato is currently in stable condition after enduring an apparent heroin overdose. LAPD responded to a medical emergency at Lovato's home around 11:40 a.m. on Tuesday (July 24) and found the 25-year-old unconscious.

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Famed singer Demi Lovato was admitted to a hospital for an alleged heroin overdose on Tuesday (July 24).

TMZ reports the "Neon Lights" singer was transported from her home in Hollywood Hills, Calif., to a medical facility. The status of her current condition has yet to be made public, but TMZ states she was treated with a rapid-acting substance called Narcan.

Throughout her career, Lovato has shared her bouts with alcohol and drugs. She reached six years of sobriety but revealed that she relapsed in late June. The revelation came forth in a new song titled "Sober" where Lovato bared her inner thoughts and asked her parents for forgiveness.

As noted by the website, Lovato was scheduled to perform in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Thursday, July 26. TMZ alleges, per sources, that Lovato has "been struggling" leading up to Thursday's appearance.

Details are still forthcoming.

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