The release of Drake's recent album Scorpion features plenty of favorites filling up the Billboard charts, but the biggest record by far has to be "In My Feelings." The track has gained legs across the web thanks to Instagram personality Shiggy and his viral dance challenge.

Shiggy, who goes by The Shiggy Show on the platform, shared his interpretation of the song on June 29.

In a matter of days, #InMyFeelings and #DoTheShiggy were trending with celebrities like Kevin Hart, Ciara, Freddie Gibbs and Lala taking part.

The challenge has traveled all over with news anchors, dentists and kids flipping the script.

After you watch how to do the actual dance, check out some of our faves down below.


10. VIBE's Jna Jefferson and Serayah kept it cute and classy for their take. 

9. Esosa mixed comedy with her military life for her take.

8. The uber-talented Imani Afua Lauren kept her version nice and jazzy.

7. Lala Anthony gathered the fam for her cute version of the dance.

6. Musician Chicklet and Maleni's version of the Shiggy is totally their aesthetic.

5. West Coast rapper PC and his friends have left us with so many questions.

4. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Daniel S. Rubinshtein wants to give Kiki a cleaning.

3. Actor and singer Duane McLaughlin went out of space for his creative take.

2. Singer Danileigh took the challenge for a spin when she hopped out of her whip to dance the challenge out. Her footwork and sunny demeanor went viral with over six million views.

1. Of course Drake takes the cake. The rapper took part in the dance during his performance at the Wireless Music Festival.

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