As a surprise to no one, hitmaker Drake has another No. 1 song on his hands this summer. Three weeks after the release of Scorpion, the masses have latched onto stand out song "In My Feelings," an infectious ode to questioning Keke and other women about their love and willingness to ride for Drizzy. He ultimately dethroned himself, taking over "Nice For What" at the top slot.

However, Drake has a special someone to thank for the spike on the charts and he knows it. Shaquille Mitchell, better known as Shiggy on social media, helped the song take the internet by storm with #DoTheShiggy, a viral moment sparked from his own gleeful dance-off to the song. While the two of them linked up at an event in Los Angeles, Drake publically tipped his hat to him in an Instagram story. "Man got me a No. 1 record today. Oh my god!" he said, as "In My Feelings" blasted in the background.

In an Instagram story on his own page, Shiggy joked about needing to secure the bag after helping Drake secure his moment. "Shout out to the n***a that owes me a check!" he said. We hope Shiggy's eating off of this moment, too.

Check out Shiggy's original "In My Feelings" video below.

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