On again off again  Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are officially off as far as their friendship goes, and thus have provided the weekend's tea for anyone with internet access.

Saturday morning (July 21) Mayweather took to Instagram to air out 50 Cent. While the accusations the boxing champ leveled against Fif aren't anything new, they were nonetheless dripping in venom.

"Curtis "Confidential Informant" Jackson, you're mad because your oldest son Marquise's mother doesn't want to be with you! Your son, your own flesh and blood don't want nothing to do with you," Mayweather captioned.


It's unclear what prompted the 41-year-old athlete to publicly attack 50 Cent, but it didn't take long for Marquise, and his mother Shaniqua Thompkins, to react in a not so subliminal manner.



Fif has never run from a fight, so when he learned of Mayweather's comments he responded with some Chamomile tea of his own.

Mayweather took 50's jab to the chin, but then alleged that 50 Cent isn't sure if his youngest son, Sire is biologically his.

"Hoes will come and go but bloodline is forever. You want to address the world but forget to address your first born? Don't worry Marquise, Uncle Floyd still got you. I would hold little man down too, but you're still not sure if he belongs to you."


Fifty, upping the ante, then brought up Mayweather's many domestic violence allegations and claimed the champ had someone proof read his earlier rants before posting them.


This back and forth can either go on until the end of time, or they might be best friends again by the end of next week. Who knows? All we can say is stay tuned.

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