It looks like Floyd Mayweather now has a new title: big brother.

According to TMZ sports, DNA testing proved that Floyd Mayweather Sr is the father to a 1-year-old baby girl. The 65-year-old boxing coach has been in a paternity dispute with a woman named Purisa Farris for about year after she filed for child support.

As part of the case, Mayweather Sr took a paternity test in April to see whether or not he was the child, and in our best Maury Povich voice, *scratches throat* Mayweather, you are the father!

The results showed that the probability of Mayweather being the dad was 99.99 percent.

The agreed child support payments have not been made public. Mayweather also has not commented on the paternity test findings or his new bundle of joy.

It's good to know at 65-year-old, Floyd Mayweather Sr is still going strong.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Dave Thompson/PA Images via Getty Images