Future is fed up with this new generation of rappers. The 34-year-old rapper hopped on social media to vent about his issues with the new wave of artists and their lack of respect for his contributions to their music and craft. In a 7-part rant on Twitter, Atlanta native demanded that the new rappers give him credit for inspiring their flows, adlibs, and all-around artistry.

"Enough of these lil niggas running round like I ain’t make y’all," he claimed. "I been humble way too long."

The "Mask Off" artist then elaborated on what he meant by "making" the other rappers. "I gracefully gave u a style to run with like it was your own" he said, adding that "your titles and flows came Frm me." "Stop f**king playin'," he continued. "Your adlibs MINES."

It's unclear what motivated this new rant or who it was directed at, but Future's sound has been undeniably influential in recent years. While he is most definitely not the originator of trap music, his unique sound has seemed to served as the blueprint for younger artists.

In other news, the rapper recently dropped his latest mixtape, Beast Mode 2. The nine-track project is the rapper's first solo project of 2018. Future also reportedly curated the soundtrack for Superfly.

Read Future's rant below.

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