Issa Rae and her slew of Insecure castmates are sure to have viewers glued to our couches for Season 3. At least, that much is indicated in the HBO show's brand new trailer. The brief clip, which made its way to Instagram Monday (July 9), sets the tone for the rest of a drama-filled season. We find Issa, Molly, Kelly, and Tiffany at the crossroads of 30, breaking down to viewers just how different that age can look from person to person.

Issa is in the midst of a professional glow up, however, her savings aren't enough to relieve her from shacking up with Daniel and moving into her own new apartment (even though she doesn't seem to mind co-habitation with him). Tiffany is awaiting the arrival of her first child, Kelly is still getting her groove on and living her best life, and Molly seems just about ready to put Dro back in his lane. But we're sure that there's more beyond the surface.

Season 3 officially premieres on Aug. 12 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO. In the meantime, watch the full Insecure trailer below.