In the age of the internet, there will always be some sort of viral challenge to capture our attention for a month or so. With the "In My Feelings" challenge inundating our timelines and video feeds, Jimmy Kimmel still feels there's room for just one more. Here's where "The Light" challenge comes into play, inspired by Ty Dolla Sign's recent single with Jeremih.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host partnered with Ty to reveal a parody viral dance that boosts the new song as well as advertises a less dangerous way to be seen far and wide on the Internet. The preferred way of dancing to the Scorpion cut is by hopping out of cars while they're still in motion and doing the motions alongside the vehicle. Obviously, there's a safety risk that comes with jumping out of a car.

If you ask Kimmel, "The Light" challenge is a safer alternative to the routine kicked off by Shiggy to Drake's No. 1 song, only requiring dancing while safely strapped behind the wheel. In the parody video with Ty, Kimmel put on his best rapper shtick—jersey, gold chains and (intentionally) dated lingo and all—to drive the point home. "It's ya boy Jimmy Kimmel, here with my home slice Ty Dolla Sign," he said in full character. "Here's a new dope viral challenge for you and your friends. Check it!"