The Bronx bodega where 15-year-old Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz was slain re-opened its doors for cleaning on Monday (July 23).

Located on E 183rd and Bathgate Ave, this is the first time employees have returned to the location since the gruesome murder occurred last month.

According to Francisco Marte, a member of the Bodega Association, all the store's perishable and refrigerated items needed to be thrown away. Police surrounded the storefront as employees worked to clean the store and throw out the spoiled food.

The bodega's owner, Modesto Cruz, states that he still fears for his life and business, despite recurring statements assuring that he did attempt to help the teen.

The reopening of the bodega comes after NYC legislators introduced a bill for Junior's Law, a policy inspired by the murder, that would require small businesses to have first aid kits on hand.

Cruz and his family are attempting to salvage all they can from the family business. It remains unclear whether the store will ever open its door for business, though calls to close the bodega have persistently outnumbered defense.

Pix11 reports that the bodega's phone number has since been disconnected, and no additional comments have been made.

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