Mike Epps doesn't think everyone who calls themselves a comic is deserving of the title, particularly Kevin Hart. Epps, 47, took to social media recently and posted a picture of himself and Eddie Murphy. He captioned the photo "Eddie Murphy funnier than Kevin Hart still" then took his comment about Hart one step further by adding, "Sh*t, everybody is."

Hart saw Epps' comments and responded with a jab of his own.  "It's a shame that everybody isn't selling tickets like me though," he said.

It's unclear who may have suggested Hart was funnier than Murphy, but Epps staunchly disagrees with the idea.

What should've been a light back-and-forth between the two escalated when ComedyHype posted the exchange on their website. Epps' thought the decision was unnecessary, Hart, however, unleashed a fiery retort.

"All I can say is that you're a sad individual," Hart captioned. "I talked to you several times face-to-face to put the B.S. behind us. I even reached out to you like a man to try and get to the bottom of your bitterness. When will you realize my success has nothing to do with you or your journey?"


Nick Cannon tried to intervene and sprinkle in light-hearted, mini-joke of his own to lighten the mood.

"Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep," Cannon said. "Kings don't bicker. We too strong and too beautiful to highlight hate. It's enough of the white man's money to sprinkle around to make us all giggle."

Epps, however, wasn't interested. "If you don't shut yo drum line teenage forever looking a**." He also
accused Hart of playing the victim.

"You still starving to be a victim? I said it wasn't press worthy and here you go as usual trying to show the world how great you are because people pick on you. GTFOH!" Epps captioned.

"You have a long line of sh*t to clean up before you hand me a motherf**king bucket. I've been doing this sh*t [for] 25+ years, Mr. Victim. Don't get too cute lil brother."

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