King Combs may have had a head start in the music business because he's the son of hip-hop mogul Puff Daddy, but the burgeoning rapper is actually talented. He continues to exercise his skills this week, in his new visuals for "Love You Better" featuring Chris Brown.

Directed by Andrew Sandler, King Combs and Breezy pay homage to the 1994 classic video "One More Chance" by The Notorious B.I.G. Combs even tapped DJ Khaled to take on the late Heavy D's role in the the video.

Earlier this year, King Combs spoke to Billboard about working with Chris Brown.

"It came about real organically. We was at French Montana’s crib in Calabasas. Remy Ma was cooking. It was a classic night. They just got back from winning an award. Maybe it was BET Awards weekend? I don’t remember the exact dates, so I wouldn’t mark that down, but whatever. We was at the crib and we were in the living room. It was me and Chris Brown and he was playing me his Heartbreak on a Full Moon album and I was like, “Wow. This is fire.” Then I played him my mixtape, and he really liked the sound and the whole vibe I was going for."

"He was like, “Yo I gotta hop on this. Let me get on that hook. This is crazy,” Combs continued. "And I’m like, “Yeah. I can use this as my single. Let’s do it.” So then, two days after, he’s a man of his word. We went to the studio and he got in the booth and laid it down real quick. There was a lot of good vibes in the room. It looked like a party in the studio that night. He laid his hook and I was like, “Damn. That’s crazy. He really brings that real R&B feel to the track now.”

Back in April, King Combs released his '90s Baby mixtape.

Watch the video above.