Lee Daniels thinks it's time for Mo'Nique to shut up.

The Empire creator sat with TMZ to discuss Mo'Nique's accusations that he, Oprah and Tyler Perry deliberately stalled her career after she earned an Academy Award for her Best Supporting Actress role in Precious. Daniels, however, says that idea is just untrue.

"Mo'Nique, I fought hard for her to get that job. I wanted her to get that job," the 58-year-old director said. "She was paid her money. She was paid the money for the budget we had, and for her to bad mouth myself, Tyler and Oprah, it's disrespectful and it's wrong. She is wrong. She's out of pocket. She's really wrong."

During a stand-up special last year at the Apollo Theater, Mo'Nique lambasted the trio and said  they "can suck my d**k, if I had one!"

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Daniels recently made headlines after Dame Dash confronted him at a Diana Ross concert and demanded that he pay back the $2 million he owes. Daniels said the situation between Mo'Nique and Dash are totally different, and Mo'Nique is causing more grief for herself.

"I respect her actor [sic] because she gave me her soul and I gave her my soul and for that, she was given the Golden Globe and the Academy Award. It breaks my heart that she feels we blackballed her. No one blackballed her. Mo'Nique blackballed her," Daniel said. "For her to continue to talk about Oprah, myself and Tyler, it's disrespectful."

When asked if he may understand Mo'Nique's side of the story Daniels remained flabbergasted.

"I don't understand her motive. I don't get it. I really don't," he said.

Last week, Mo'Nique released a secretly recorded conversation between herself, her husband, Sydney, and Perry. Rolling Out obtained the recordings in which Mo'Nique asked to speak with Madea and not Perry because ever since Perry became successful, he's different.

Perry also can be heard saying he's going to get Mo'Nique whatever money she's owed.

"I'm going to call and find out whatever money is coming in from Precious and I'm going to send that to you. I'm going to send that all to you. Whatever it is. I don't want you to feel not one day that you were mistreated or treated unfairly."

Do you think this will be the end of the saga or just an intermission?

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