Lil Kim has dropped a new dancehall-inspired single titled "Nasty One" and it's bound to make it on a cookout playlists this summer.

On the 3-minute track, the hip-hop legend flaunts her vocals with heavy auto-tune over a seductive, mid-tempo beat. "All around the world, they know who the best is / No pharmacies but they see VS's / Ten karats embedded in the watch and necklace / Paint drippin' off the Rari like it got asbestos," she sings.

When asked about the song's Caribbean vibe, Kim told Billboard: "I’m from Brooklyn, so that’s all that needs to be said [laughs] and I have West Indian in my family so it’s just there: it’s in my heart, it’s in my soul. And it’s something I’ve done very well. Like with “Lighters Up,” which was one of my biggest singles, it had a Caribbean feel.

"My label, eOne, brought the ['Nasty One'] beat to me in the studio, and there was a guy who had an idea for it as far as the hook and everything. But I had an idea for how it should come across so I made it super Caribbean. I’m not gonna lie: it took me a long time to write this record, from the verses and even how I came up with the bridge part. That was…when I used to go to the underground dancehall clubs when I was a teenager, that was the type of song and beat that would be playing."

The Queen Bee is reportedly in album mode at the moment. According to the rapper, the forthcoming project will be chock-full of "different vibes" and will drop sometime in Nov. 2018.

Listen to "Nasty One" below.

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