Since his late-April release for a reported probation violation, Meek Mill's mission has been to reshape the criminal justice system for those who lack the same resources he has in his back pocket. To begin that process, the "Pray For 'Em" rapper teamed up with Philadelphia 76ers' co-owner, Michael Rubin, to launch a foundation.

According to Bleacher Report, the pair will also call on other "big people" to lend their voices and resources to reform America's law rubric into a fair system. "We think we can launch what will be the most impactful foundation within criminal justice reform and create a movement," Rubin said.

While details on the foundation's concrete purpose and plan of action are still being fleshed out, Meek and Rubin believe their assistance will be beneficial no matter the roadblocks. "You know, there's people that's locked behind the walls, caught up in the darkness, who don't have the support," Meek said to the website. "So I hope that we get people behind them like myself. And we stand up for people that's caught up in the system that don't belong there."

Recently, Meek returned to the music scene when he performed "Stay Woke" at the 2018 BET Awards. The onstage appearance depicted images of gun violence, police activity and other dark moments that helped to shape his music.

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