Sunday night’s (July 1) episode of Pose was an ode to the power of motherhood—for better or worse. Blanca’s tumultuous relationship with her family and the kinship she deeply craved but lacked from her now deceased mother is on full display. Amid the heartbreak exists a story about how Elektra Abundance became Blanca’s mother.

The intro to the episode shows Blanca being shunned at a ball for not looking feminine or fashionable enough. Elektra then comes to her rescue as she’s being bullied by cisgender women outside the venue. Towards the end of the episode, Blanca reunites with Elektra at her hospital bed after she finally gets the life-changing surgery she’s been anxiously waiting for.

Besides the narrative of motherhood, interesting developments follow Stan and Angel’s precarious relationship. Here are the highlights of “Mother’s Day.”

Blanca’s Mother And Her Unsupportive Family:  At the top of the episode, Blanca swiftly collapses to the floor in tears when she finds out her mom passed away. After she visits her sister Carmen to get the details of the funeral service, she’s met with fierce hostility and is constantly being misgendered. The sight of her sister calling her by her birth name, Mateo, and referring to her with male pronouns is cringe-worthy. It places a spotlight on the frequent discrimination and ignorance transgender people are met with. Why is it so hard to call someone by what they choose to identify by? Whether you understand why or why not—it’s a personal choice, no one has the right to interfere with it.

Carmen tells her that their mother never mentioned her (which is a lie) and just keeps affirming to her that she’s a disgrace to the family and a transvestite. Naturally, Blanca is devastated. But she doesn’t let her family’s rejection defeat her. She shows up at the funeral anyway and is later confronted by her brother.

After the funeral, there is a poignant scene where Blanca gets a flashback of her mother and her cooking when she still presented as male. The little child tells his mom how in love he is with her. It's heartwarming and will make your eyes water. In the present time, Carmen shows up at Blanca's apartment and gifts her with a recipe book their mother had. The tension is still tangible, but the two attempt at some minimal form of reconciliation. Blanca's storyline this episode showcases the hardships the LGBT community encounters with unsupportive biological families.

Elektra Abundance Has A Change Of Heart: When Blanca visits Elektra in the hospital after her surgery, she confronts her about not being the best mother. While she did rescue Blanca, she doesn’t do a good job at taking care of her children. Blanca argues she’s more concerned with herself and putting others down because she thinks she is better than them simply because she passes as a cisgender woman. Elektra takes Blanca’s stance to heart,  makes dinner for her children, and promises to be a better mother by winning more balls for them. We’ll see how long this will last.

Angel And Stan Get Caught: Matt betrayed Stan and told Patty about his affair with Angel. Patty figures out how to get to the ball and shows up decked out. Everyone is perplexed to see a cisgender snooty white woman from the suburbs there. For most of the community, Patty is referred to as “fish.” In the end, she confronts Angel and tells her she is Stan’s wife. The episode, of course, ends on a cliffhanger.