At the close of Season Four, Power fans learned no one is above a bullet, even the innocent. A nationwide gasp reverberated amongst viewers when Raina (played by Donshea Hopkins) was killed while trying to defend her troublesome brother Tariq. (Michael Rainy Jr)

SMH's were prevalent all throughout last season--the murder of Julio, Ghost's false imprisonment and Tasha's relationship with Terry Silver--but mouths hung open when Raina was killed and blood boiled when Dre, while under Ghost's nose, became New York's newest biggest drug dealer and most formidable oppornent.

Season Five picks up right where Season four ended. Ghost must now avenge Raina's death, get his club back and work with an old enemy to hopefully bring down a new one. It's anyone's game in this big rich town.

Check out the five best lines from Power, Season Five, episode one "Everyone Is Implicated."

1."How we know we can trust you, K?" Ghost

Kanan is back in the fold, but it's not quite like old times. As Tommy, Ghost and Special K devise a plan to take down Dre, Ghost wonders if their one-time mentor can be trusted. Kanan's beside himself after the question was posed and reminds Ghost it was him who set him on fire and left him to die, not the other way around.

2. "I’m going to have to turn you all in now." Angela

Last season Tasha went to Angela in hopes she could trace Tariq's phone to find him. Out of concern, Angela gave Tasha Tariq's whereabouts only for Angela to later realize Ray Ray was killed. Now Angela's an accomplice to a crime and if Tasha doesn't divulge all she knows about the night in question everyone's getting arrested.

3. "Nah, he’s superman, if Superman was mean as sh*t and half burned to a crisp." Dre

Dre's now in charge, but his employment didn't come via a "company restructuring" which mean his enemies aren't twiddling their thumbs. While speaking with Cristobal, Dre described the kind of man Kanan is and what kind of man they're up against.

4. "My daughter is dead. That’s not a g***amn opportunity." Tasha 

Ghost and Tasha have the daunting task of planning their daughter's funeral. As they finalize arrangements inside the church, Councilman Tate mentions where the press will be seated, which infuriates Tasha who thinks her daughter's murder has now become a public relations opportunity.

5. "I also know Tariq would never have met this Ray Ray motherf**ker if you never introduced him? Tommy

Kanan and Ghost may be on cordial grounds, but Tommy isn't sure if his one time friend can be trusted. While waiting outside the church, Tommy lets K know a lot of why they're in the current predicament is because of him, especially since he introduced Tariq to Ray Ray.

6."Why were you there?" Blanco Rodriguez 

It's not typical for an attorney to be present at a murder scene, so when Blanco Rodriguez notices Angela in the apartment where Ray Ray was murdered, she shows up to her office the next day to ask questions, but to also let Angela know she's being watched.

7." I will never feel better. Ever!" Tasha

Tasha is having a difficult time with Raina's death and as she looks for methods to cope, Ghost is keeping a stoic face and seemingly maintaining a business as usual attitude. As he gets out the shower Tasha lets him know no matter what happens she'll never get over her daughter's murder.

8. "Who are all these people?"  Keisha

The day has come to say their final goodbyes to Raina. As LaKeisha walks into the church with Tasha and see how packed it is, she wonders when did their private family affair become a public spectacle?

9. “Run!” Tariq

Power viewers have had it up to HERE with Tariq, and that feeling will continue after the first episode of Season Five. While speaking at his sister's funeral in front of the church, Tariq pretends to be choked up with emotion and runs to the bathroom only to text Dre and give him the heads up men are nearby ready to kill him.

10. “You’re not strapped.” Dre

As Ghost is visiting his daughter's headstone, Dre boldly appears. He knows Ghost doesn't have a gun on him making the decision to show up at his daughter's burial site both brazen and disrespectful. Dre hands him a La Arana card letting him know his days are marked.

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