After making the trip from Michigan to New York, J. Cobb explores new stomping grounds in his visual for "Good."

Today (July 10), the Detroit-born artist gave VIBE the go to premiere the brand new music video, shot by Fred Focus at the abandoned Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in Brentwood, NY. "Fred Focus and his team executed far above anything I could have asked for" Cobb told VIBE. "I want people to feel the passion, grit, persistence and motivation behind this song, and the visual represents all those things."

Serving as the seventh track of his debut album, No Filter, "Good" breaks down Cobb's relationship to art and his craft. "It's an artist's journey" the songwriter explains. "It's almost an internal conversation, and when I perform the song it becomes an external conversation to fans. I was really looking forward to bringing this song to life, as it is one of my favorites from my No Filter album."

No Filter is currently available on all digital platforms.

Watch "Good" above.