Nas' latest studio album, Nasir has garnered a lot of mixed reviews since its release in June 2018. While many fans have combed through the rapper's bars with a fine-tooth comb, others have focused their attention to his thought-provoking album cover and one particular single, "Adam and Eve" due to the huge similarities between them and Bay Area-based producer, The Architect's previous work.

Following Nas' album release, social media accused the Queens native of stealing from The Architect. They immediately uploaded audio comparisons of Nas' "Adam and Eve," and The Architect's single, "No Idea's Original." Oddly enough, the track comes from the producer's album, The Architect x Nasty Nas (Remixes), which is an entire project that reimagines classic Nas songs.

Likewise, Nas gained attention for the Nasir album cover, which featured a photo by Mary Ellen Mark of South Dallas kids. Interestingly enough, The Architect had released an album four days prior, entitled Trill Life Mathematics with the exact same artwork.

When asked if he thought Nas and Kanye West – whom held a significant role in the album's production – stole ideas from him, he told Complex: "First of all, I like to think great minds think alike. I would like to say that first. Second of all, it’s very odd when lightning strikes in the same place two to three times."

He also acknowledged that nothing is truly original. "I’m fully aware that a lot of the material that we use nowadays as far as on the underground is sample-based," he continued. "Obviously I don't own the samples, so I wasn’t going to say anything about it. The fact that I have Nas rapping on it—I don't know. This is a new era of music where things like that can happen. We all have access to the internet with the picture and the record, I guess. I don't know."

The Architect admitted that he doesn't have "any hard feelings." "I would like to work with the guys and be running around with them instead," he added.

Compare Nas and The Architect's work here.