A 22-year-old Virginia Tech graduate has made history by simply doing what she's loved.

According to NBC12 Ginai Seaborn became the first black female nanoscientist in her home state of Virginia. Seaborn said she noticed she was often the only person of color in her classes, but never thought that she'd be the only back person in Virginia to earn the science degree.

“We talked to the department head and he looked it up and confirmed it," said Seabron, a Richmond Community High grad.

The nanoscience program at Virginia Tech is just one of two in the state.

On graduation day, Seaborn posted of a picture of herself in her cap and gown celebrating her achievement. The photo has since been retweeted 14,000 and earned 70,000 likes.

Virginia Tech is three hours away from the state's capital, which proved challenging for her and her mother but helped make them both stronger.

“Pray with her, tell her she can make it, never give up. That wasn't an option for her," said Sherita, Ginai’s mom.

Seabron said she's taking a year off to intern at Virginia Tech before she goes back to school.

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