Has Rick Ross built an empire off stolen intellectual property? On Monday morning (July 9), news broke that Rick Ross has been hit with a $9,999 lawsuit claiming that he has.

According to the rapper Young Muhammed, Ross got the idea for "Maybach Music" after tracking back vocals for "Caprice Musik" in 2007. The rapper claims that Caprice is another type of car, and Rozay has simply traded the cop car for extreme luxury.

The origins of this lawsuit date back to September 2017, when Young Muhammed sent a letter to Rick Ross' legal team demanding Rozay to stop using his famous "Maybach Music" tagline – a supposed rip of Muhammed's 2006 trademark.

Since then Ross has been all gas no brakes, and Muhammed is more than angry. Legal documents reveal the rapper is suing both the "Green Gucci Suit" rapper for theft of intellectual property and Roc Nation for endorsement.

Ross' team has yet to respond.

Can you hear similarities between the original track and supposed stolen tagline? Listen below.

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